Getting Started.

Welcome. I find hypnotherapy very interesting and rewarding. Practising and practising has shown me how careful one has to be with this powerful tool. It is a means to help the client with all sorts of problems, habits, or health issues.

It is said that it is often something of a last resort, after having tried medical practitioners, osteopaths, chiropractors, tarot readings, acupunture, nuad Tai (Thai massage) etc. etc. I am not knocking medical practitioners or more alternative medical treatments. This can often be the last resort for example of those who want to stop smoking. Allen Carr admits that he quit really when he realized certain changes in this thinking was the key to stopping for good. Hypnotherapy can be the most powerful treatment and enables that change of thinking win the subconscious, unconscious mind to take place that much more fluently.

If you want to try Hypnotherapy, you will need to find someone who inspires you, with whom you feel congruent, and who, you believe, can help. There are many choices out there. I obviously hope that hypnotherapist will be me!

Please give hypnotherapy a try and I look forward to helping you.

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