Claiming success

It is dangerous for therapists to claim success without clinical and scientific trials. I have treated one person who wanted to stop smoking. That person has been a non-smoker for 6 months and is very happy with the status of being a non-smoker.

Let’s also keep this in context. It was her desire and eagerness to stop and I was merely there to be her facilitator in this. I am grateful to her for this chance.

I have also helped another client to be far less phobic about spiders. Again it was her desire which achieved this success.

So hypnotherapy can be a powerful and positive means of changing a life for the better.

Professional Computer Programming/Development

In case you are wondering, I have had this website professionally made and designed. I hope you like it. This is not really an advertisement, in that he has not paid me for this(haha), but I want to thank by old friend and associate Graham, who I think has done a brilliant job. I hope you will agree. Thank you, Graham.

If you are interested in acquiring the same results for your websites, you can contact or message him: and he can discuss your requirements…


Welcome to my website. I am open for business to help you maximize your potential. As you will see on the fees page, I have introductory offers of which I hope you will take advantage.

In these times you will need to keep your mental health up and you might need to deal with your flight/fight/freeze/fawn response. That is you need to deal with the stress of modern life.

Humans used to be able to deal with the stresses of life easily and bring their adrenalin and cortisol under control. Unfortunately modern life seems not to give us the chance to do so. Hypnotherapy could help you to achieve this as well as removing negative events and episodes in your past.

So take advantage of my offers and give yourself a chance of using your mind to make a better version of you. I look forward to hearing from you.

The Big Day is dawning all too soon

How to greet here? Well, Hello.

The launch is coming and I shall be qualified in October 2021. I shall have practised on various clients beforehand. Now all my knowledge can be put to your health and wellness. Hypnotherapy CAN help with all sorts of medical and non-medical conditions. I believe it can also help with the most widespread of problems, namely stress and anxiety from the constraints placed on us by the pandemic and the measures put in place to deal with it.

If you have any such problems, do not be afraid to get in touch and partly talk them through and partly get some hypnotherapy to help you deal with what life is like now…

Progress because standing still is failing…

I owe my friend G. a huge debt of thanks (but he’s not doing it gratis, free, for nothing, but then why would he?) for this website. This is the next stage in my Hypnotherapy business, which will be operational soon, so be patient please.

One thing I am learning is that a business has to have regular input. So here is this week’s brief contribution.

Hypnotherapy is extraordinarily powerful and I hope I shall be soon using this powerful tool to help plenty of customers. It is a valuable tool too.